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Statements of Faith

These statements describe a set of convictions, rooted in the stories of the Scriptures, from which Jubilee can proceed and to which the church can return, but that always understand questioning, doubt, and dissent as integral to our community of faith. You don't have to agree with everything you read here or understand all of it to be a part of Jubilee, but these statements give us a starting point to work with. 

Statements of Faith

I. God: We believe in the God who is three in one and one in three, whose mysteries are revealed in the poor, dark flesh of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit. 

II. Creation and the World: We believe that creation is good, and while sin and death have reorganized creation into a devastated world, that goodness abides. 

III. Salvation: We believe God saves us from our devastation by the New Creation begun in the whole life of Jesus. 

IV. Scripture: We believe the Scriptures are the testimony of God’s work in the world, and when read in the Spirit they provide pictures and patterns that guide our life together.

V. Freedom: We believe that God’s Spirit is at work in creation and that our neighbors must have the freedom to respond to that work as the Spirit urges them.

VI. Politics: We believe that God calls the church to point toward another world in every aspect of our lives together and sometimes this means conflict with the world as it is.

VII. The End: We believe in the resurrection of the dead, in New Creation, that in the end heaven comes to earth.

Sermons & Writings

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