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Worship at Jubilee

Worship is how we remember God's grace by reading the Scriptures, praying, singing, baptizing, cancelling debts, and feeding each other the Lord's Supper. Our hope for worship at Jubilee is that in hearing the story of Jesus:




We believe worship is "the work of the people," something God's Spirit does in us as we gather in Jesus' name. So a lot of our worship service involves joining our voices in songs, responsive readings, and communal prayers. You won't be put on the spot, but be ready to join in and don't be embarrassed if it takes a couple minutes to get the hang of things!

-You'll find rest in your weariness and healing for your pain

-God's Spirit will grow our desire for a world that is not so wearying and hurtful

Please don't worry about what to wear to worship. Dress as casually or as formally as you're comfortable!

The work of the people involves all the people. Everyone of all ages and abilities is welcome in worship and

 free to express themselves however they do so.

Facilities and Accesibility


There are accessible parking spaces near both of the side entrances to the main church building

A ramp is available on the left side of the building (marked by the red arrow in the picture)

We have sensory-friendly accommodations like noise reducing headphones, weighted blankets, and fidget spinners available 

All-gender restrooms are available throughout the building

A Quiet Space with noise reducing curtains and low lighting is available in the sanctuary for anyone who might need it. 


Jubilee's Children's Ministry is designed around the truth that kids are fully part of the church. They have gifts to offer in worship just like everyone else and even if they don't understand every part of a sermon, they meet Jesus in the way we all sing and pray and hear stories together. We want their voices to be a regular part of worship as participants and as leaders, too.

We also understand that parents' lives are hectic and it's hard to be still when you're wrangling a toddler. So we have multiple children's spaces in and out of the sanctuary where volunteers will be ready to help your kids worship in their own ways. That way you can get a break while worship remains a place for everyone. 

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